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Avalinguo: real practice of language talking in VR

In order to learn a foreign language, it’s not enough to study books or watch videos.

You have to practice and interact with real people.

But in big cities it gets complicated to gather for practicing due to transportation times.

Not even apps like Duolingo will be enough (a study shows most Duolingo users drop it forever after just 2 hours of use), mainly because they don’t make you talk to people.

Video, not a solution…

Apps like Tandem or GameLingu use video for online practice.

But video has its own problems, as it’s hard to:

  • Overcome the awkwardness of “breaking the ice” with unknown people
  • Keep the privacy about your place, your looks, your clothes, people around you

Here comes Avalinguo

Avalinguo boils down to practice languages online using avatars in Virtual Reality (not necessarily with a headset).

Each user is represented by an avatar, which can be personalized to look (or not) like the user.

You hear the participants in the “room”, but see their avatar, not their actual looks.


Avatars are in virtual rooms, named after a theme or topic (soccer, business, travel, etc.)

  • Rooms are decorated with items related to the topic to discuss.
  • Some rooms have a human facilitator, who is evaluated by the users just like in cab apps.
  • There will be AI-powered gamification tools to improve practice sessions.

Avalinguo value proposition

    • We offer real talking practice, not just text apps.
    • Much cheaper than online lessons.
    • Privacy for user: with avatars, face / clothes / people around not exposed.
    • Casual and playful interactive experience of practice sessions made more dynamic by human facilitators and AI tools.

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